Saturday ramblings.

For once it looks like I have a fairly quiet weekend ahead of me. I mean, I have things on my calendar to do but they're pretty well spread out. I tried to sleep in this morning, to no avail. I have errands to run, the usual Saturday chores but it all seems low key. Even though as I sit here I have no idea how I'm going to get it all done and wonder if I push anything to tomorrow (which has less going on than today) will it get done even then?

I really need to make sure I get some laundry done this weekend because next weekend I'll be in Seattle, briefly. Mindy's flying in from SLC on the 2nd to visit her sisters. She's really really looking forward to it. I'll be driving up on the 3rd, visting Shemaiah and her new little one briefly, and then hanging out with Mindy and her family. Sara might come with, she hasn't decided yet. I'd really like to see other Seattle people too but I just don't think it's going to happen.

I got some really good news on the heart related front. I had an echo cardiogram and the results are that the medication I am on combined with my hard work (ie exercise, training for events, and mild cautiousness when it comes to what I should and shouldn't do) are continuing to make my heart smaller and stronger. Two years ago my ejection fraction was 35-40% (just strong enough to not put in an imbedded defib) and this time it's 45-50%. 50% is the low end of normal. When I first went in, it was at 15%. The dr is still hesitant to say that I wilil ever go off my medications but she thinks in a few years we may be able to start decreasing it. The plan is now for a limited echo every year to monitor things and once it finally levels out we'll decide from there.

The Carbon Leaf concert last weekend was a blast. I am sorry I missed the Seattle show but I had fun at the party I went to in town so.. I will be missing the Young Dubliners show tonight. I didn't get around to finding a replacement sitter for my friends and they're playing at Kells on a Saturday so they shouldn't have any trouble packing the place. Maybe I'll connect with my uncle after the show.

I made these cinnamon bun things a couple of weeks ago but was a little impatient with the rising process and baked them early. This time I set them up the night before and they look much better this morning. Waiting for Sara to stir before making them, or I"ll just have to bake them even if she's not up yet in order to eat before my apt. Either way it'll make the house smell lovely.

Now to decide whether to start laundry or start on grocery list.

Baking day!

Feeling somewhat more productive today. Did a 7 mile walk (was supposed to be 8 but decided since I did hills I would only do 7), went to Imago briefly then got a call from Kit's gf who is coming over to bake cookies to send him. Figured I should head home and finish cleaning up so we can dirty it again. Gosh I love baking. :) Also got a load of laundry started. Whee. Am supposed to make some soup today so I can eat it during the week, we'll see if it actually gets made. Little more tidying to do and if Lindsie is still not here yet may start on the soup. At least the weather is cool so I don't mind baking stuff.


Long time no write. Not even going to bother looking to see how long. It's a little more difficult for me to keep up with things in lj land with my current job so I just rather abandoned it in for other means of quick fix what's going on sort of mediums. Not saying it's better just...that's where I've been.

Step brother should be flying into town from Okinawa next week, he'll be here four days because that's when the next flight back is. He's in town to pick up his step daughter to take her back to Japan for 6 weeks.

Youngest brother is hanging out in Georgia (the state not the country) while awaiting the official send off to Iraq. His gf is coming over tomorrow (I think) and we're going to bake him cookies. Yes, chalre was right, maccadamia nuts are rather spendy however there's nothing too good for my youngest bro. Besides, they cost about half as much at Trader Joe's as they do at Freddy's so....

Middle bro is now a father to a bouncing baby boy. That's exciting. I'm an aunt (again) but at least this time I am a bit closer to the nephew. All my neices (via step brother) are in Japan.

The summer is fast approaching and I really don't have much by way of plans. Carbon Leaf is coming June 20th, Young Dubliners June 27th (though I still need to see if I can find someone to take my place babysitting so I can go to that one), camping mid-late August and one more quick trip down to Sacramento for a wedding reception. And by quick I mean probably drive down Saturday drive back Monday.

I really like my job and my current pod. Though the way things go I'm just waiting for the call that says 'we're moving you out of development to let someone else have a turn'. That's just the way things work, sadly. However I might not have been given the opportunity to move to dev otherwise so I don't knock it too much just enjoying it while it lasts. Hopefully I'll get some more miles out of it, at least enough to actually wrap my head around c# instead of the usual 'copy what was done before in a similar instance' and hope it actually functions the same and I don't miss anything.

My annual cardiologist appointment is this week. Wednesday. I have questions for her, and while I think I know the answers to at least one of them, I'm going to ask them anyway for clarification. I actually spoke my 'wishful thinking' out loud today which of course means I probably jinxed it. But a girl can hope, though I'll be keeping it quiet unless it actually comes true.

Laundry is drying, though there's still more to do just haven't gotten off my duff to put another load together. Grocery shopping is done, I need to start keeping better track of what food I have so I actually use it instead of forgetting about it and it going bad. I might turn in early tonight for a change. I have a 8 mile walk to do in the morning, last walk before my half marathon next weekend.

We saw the sun then lost it for a few days. Hope it comes back soon, and that my sciatica pain dissapates so I can do more bike riding.. Plenty of places I can go by bike instead.

I want the rain!

Right now there's no rain in the forecast until Friday....Friday....Boxing Day...that's a little late for me to be flying to Cali. *sigh* I'm still holding out a sliver of hope that my flight tomorrow won't be cancelled. I'm even going to pack tonight when I get home. the back of my mind I think I'll be here with Sara for Christmas. I just really wanted to visit my dad and stepmom and see my aunt and uncle...

Kit's going out to the airport today and going to camp out. I'm more worried about his flights since he bounces from Portland to Las Vegas to Phoenix.....I may try to leave work at 2 tomorrow instead of at 3, I should know by then if my flight is changed.


Woke up this morning to the bathroom heater turned on. Only the nob was switched to the Off position. :( No matter which way I turned it, it stayed on. Went to the fuse box not expecting to find anything helpful since I know the bathroom and the two bedrooms are all on the same fuse but to my delight I found that the bathroom heater has one all it's own. Flipped it off and heard it die down. I don't know how long it was on since it wasn't on when I went to bed. I've been trying to hard to keep the balance between the electric bill down and the heating within livable limits. Oh well. At least I was here to find it in the morning.

The snow has that hard icy shell on it now. I'm really concerned about my flight on Wednesday being cancelled.

Jonathan really enjoys driving in this weather so he's going to pick a bunch of us up this evening to go to the Kriz's for our little Christmas party. Whee. At least I'll get out of the house and not have to trek everywhere like I did yesterday (gym, chiro apt, store, Stef's).

I also don't want to change out of my pj's until I have to go out which is at war with the 'I should work out this morning' mentality. I think the pj's is going to win out. Wonder what I shall make for breakfast. I might see if I can do up a batch of chocolate chip pancakes again. Mmm.

The Godfather

Even though Tuesday night should be spent packing for Cali....I am going to see The Godfather II. Both I and II are playing at the Hollywood next week, I on Monday (and Wednesday) and II on Tuesday (and Thursday). I have never seen either. I'm super stoked to go. I even got out of babysitting on Monday to go. Wheee. Weather don't fail me now!

Obviously it wasn't meant to be..

World dissapears
Try as I might to make Tuesdays a temporary down day, my decision to be involved in the Christmas Choir and my involvement in encouraging our first ever Volunteer Appreciation party...well lets just say both things had big events on the same day. Ugh. I braved the roads (not to bad, I imagine it'll only get worse though before it gets better) and had pizza with the party at 6:30. Headed to practice at 7. Practice ran late so I got back to the theatre late for the showing of some random Christmas flicks (Pee Wee's Christmas Special being one of them) so I went home instead. Probably better to go to bed early but part of me was really wanting to veg at the theatre a bit. Ah well. Time to make lunch for tomorrow and go to bed.

I want.

I want to go see Transporter 3 again. That is all. :)


I have a four day weekend. I really just want to sit around and do nothing. Problem with that is, I still pack my schedule so full that I don't do anything around the house normally at least not in a timely fashion unless I make a point to do so. I went to the gym this morning, good thing. I have plans to go to a movie with my brother in a couple hours and then to go to the tree lighting in downtown. In the middle, all I want to do is sit and knit and watch Buck Rogers since I'm halfway through the series. But there's plenty of things that need to be done, that I want to get done around the apt. And with my roommate gone I really want her to come back to a relatively clean place. It's interesting, when I know I'm going to be the only one here for a while I tend to spread out more.

Basically it's just going to be in little pockets of time here and there that I will have to get anything done. Which on the one hand is good, I'm not spending long periods of time on any one task. But on the other hand my brain goes to the 'why bother starting something I don't have time to finish, I'd rather just chill and do xyz.'

I caught up on dishes, they weren't taking over the kitchen but they had been hanging around for about a week give or take. Next to tackle is the living room which isn't bad just needs some straightening. If I'm really good I'll take the stuff to donate to Goodwill with me when I go to Tigard for the movie, that way I can get that stuff out from underfoot as well.

I will have plenty of time to chill this weekend. I need to take advantage of the pockets of time to clean as they come up. At least that's what I keep telling myself. But gosh it's too easy to be lazy.

Best conversation today...

Second runner up goes to my former boss J who saw me making the cupcakes last night and said 'where'd they dissapear to?' to which I responded 'they're in hiding til 2:30'.

First runner up goes to my co-worker R who accosted me as soon as I walked into the kitchen to get some breakfast and said 'Where are the cupcakes!' I responded they were in hiding and he said 'Well, where's the leftover beer then?' to which I said 'in the orange room fridge' but oddly enough, no one has actually taken it.

And the best conversation happened between my boss and I at lunch...
K: So I seem to recall you making a bunch of beer filled cupcakes last night, where'd they dissapear to?
Me: They're in a safe place until 2:30
K: That's really sad, see I'm in a meeting at 2:30 can't I get one earlier?
Me: Well, M is going to be here at 2 to set stuff up and the cupcakes will be with her....
K (interrupting): Say no more, the cupcakes are downstairs, that's all I needed to know.

Needless to say the Chocolate Guinness cupcakes were a hit. I had a couple minor concerns. The third batch, the raw batter looked way darker than the first two. I almost pulled one pan out too early and thought I might have actually pulled one out too early already but couldn't tell at that point. Then of course there's the end result, even though I made 86 cupcakes and we rarely have everyone participate in the employee appreciation party I didn't test one just to be sure. All in all a huge success. And the best part (in my mind) I only had to make two batches of frosting for three batches of cupcakes. There was just enough frosting without being overloaded and not looking stingy either.

I win!


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